P-1E-Diaphragm Pressure Gauge-82L-04, 06

P-1E-Diaphragm Pressure Gauge-82L-04, 06


●  Disc Blow Out Protection                     

●  Threaded or Flanged Process Connection

●  Better Performance in Low Pressure and Vacuum System                     

●  Lower Temperature Effect than Liquid Filled Actuated System   

●  Heavy Duty Bourdon Tube / Rotary Geared Movement





HAWK Diaphragm Pressure Gauge use a diaphragm as its sensing element which can be welded or bonded or clamped to the upper and lower housing.The diaphragm deflects upward or downward when subjecting or release to pressure.This variation is converted into the rotary motion of the pointer by a movement and a connecting rod.It is a alternative to a liquid filled actuated system ( pressure gauge and diaphragm seal assembly ).

HAWK type 82L diaphragm process gauges with phenolic case are widely used for petrochemical and chemical processing industries.


Download: P-1E-82L-04,06(PDF)

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